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Revenue Share Overview

RedBalloon Recruiter is turning the corporate head-hunter recruiting world on its head, delivering high quality results, at a fraction of the price. And, unlike impersonal, left-leaning job boards like Indeed, RedBalloon Recruiter starts by finding values and mission-aligned talent, which is what Freedom Economy employers want most.

There are 2 different ways employers can work with RedBalloon to find new talent. The first is posting their jobs on our national job board, The second is RedBalloon Recruiter, for a more personalized, intensive talent search.

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RedBalloon Recruiter

The Cost?

Just $4,500 total, plus $2,000 success bonus when you’ve completed your hire. That’s just a fraction of what traditional recruiters charge.

“RedBalloon Recruiter is so much better than traditional recruiting and at a much lower cost. It’s the innovation that the recruiter world has needed for a long time.”

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Elliot Dickison,
Treefort Systems

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Revenue Share Program

For every business that purchases RedBalloon Recruiter as a result of your promotion, RedBalloon will send you $500. Once a lead contacts RedBalloon, our sales team will handle it from there. Leads are tracked through UTM links and promo-codes which offers a substantial “$100 off the success bonus.”

Contact Luke Turner at to sign up for the revenue share program. Visit to learn more about RedBalloon Recruiter and access background resources.

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