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Don't Hire a Lawsuit!

You need job seekers who align with your 
values & mission.


Let's Talk!

We'll explain how to hire for values and culture-fit. No cost. No obligation. Just answers.


Redefine Your Talent Search!

We start with a "culture first" mindset, finding job-seekers who exude the American work ethic and want to build a career with values-aligned employers.

And we identify this top talent for a fraction of traditional recruiter prices.


Shaking up the talent recruiting market? You bet!

We start by learning your company’s priorities, goals, and culture, and then crafting a customized job posting tailored for your specific needs.

We then source-and-screen candidates for your position, interview, and rate the top candidates, and provide you valuable feedback so you can adjust to market conditions.

You’ll receive continual updates on our activities and progress, and we will source the top values-aligned candidates for you to contact promptly.

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How it works...

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Our team will connect shortly!

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