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Family Solutions Inc. and ACCS have joined forces to create a powerful new recruiting and training team for next generation of Christian leaders. 


RedBalloon is America’s #1 culture-first national talent recruiter, and ACCS is the leader in equipping school leadership with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and grow classical Christian schools. Our combined recruiting pool includes values-aligned talent from traditional public schools, as well as those called into classical Christian education (CCE) from industries far and wide.


Let us help you find the right talent for your Christian school.

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Preparing Leadership
for Success

ACCS trains school administrators through its groundbreaking Doctorum program, a year-long course offered through the new ACCS Institute of Classical Christian Leadership. This course can provide the pathway to a valuable Administrator Certification and is specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of classical Christian educators, whether prospective, new, or existing.

Together, RedBalloon and ACCS form a powerful talent recruitment and training team for America's Christian schools. 

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Finding Mission-Aligned

RedBalloon Recruiter is America’s premier “culture-first,” talent recruiter. The RedBalloon team has sourced and screened talent from across the nation and have helped find values and mission aligned talent for thousands of employers. Unlike traditional corporate recruiters, RedBalloon charges a low, flat rate fee for its recruiter service.

Here's what recruiter customer "Jumpseat Research" said about their experience with RedBalloon. - “I hired my core admin team through RedBalloon. They were aligned right off the bat, and I'm very pleased to start the company with my core team sharing the same values for the workplace.”

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Have questions about how RedBalloon can help? Contact our dedicated ACCS Recruiting Specialist, Dave Williams, for a free consultation about your school's hiring needs. Dave is a proud ACCS alum. 

Dave Williams  |  |  (208) 596-1623

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